Saturday, November 22, 2008

Return to Paso Robles Pt.2

The night before leaving for home Pierino returned to another favorite local restaurant, Artisan at 14th and Park. We had two wonderful courses there, first was an abalone "BLTA" with pancetta, arugula and fried green tomatoes. We will let you figure out how the BLTA assembles itself. Unfortunately California's abalone fishery has long been done in, by the usual suspects. It's being farm raised in Cayucos but if you look for it outside of central California it's going to cost you.

Before our first course was served we tasted a really wonderful bread, which you can see pictured. We'll come back to the bread momentarily.

Second course was a duck confit with a winter chicory salad. Also delicious, with a local pinot.

Now the bread. We asked if it was made in house or purchased outside. As it turns out they get their baguettes from Hush-Harbor in Atascadero. Needless to say upon departure we checked in at Hush-Harbor in the morning as it was on the way home and easy to find. It's located in a strip mall but they make wonderful artisan breads. Is it worth driving 240 miles for a great baguette? We vote yes! 5735 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA. Sorry friends, no website. You will have to check it out in person. At least it's a beautiful drive.

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