Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to Purgatory

Why this blog? In the words of the poet, "I've got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane."

Look for my thoughts (such as they are) on travel, food, what I'm cooking and why Rachael Ray should be sent to Guantanamo ASAP.

Also you might catch some AS Roma match results here.

Purgatory is kind of an interesting place. It's like having a foot on either side of the state line. Pope Benedict XVI recently abolished limbo so all those pagan babies are going to be flying around some place. I probably have a few in my kitchen.

I read, I travel and I eat. And on that path I meet some really great people in unlikely places. So, look for me. I'll be the guy having dinner at the restaurant bar, reading a book. I once met Steve Henson, the inventor of 'ranch dressing' and his wife in the Viking Room in Solvang. Alas, all you "Sideways" fans the Vike is now closed.

Along the road I've met cooks, poets, fellow travelers and insaniacs. My ambition is to cook an entire three course meal inside a hotel room. I have a plan.

Hopefully you will enjoy purgatory. Not such a bad place. Downstairs I thought I saw Charlie Trotter frozen into an ice lake next to Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White.

The only reason to go upstairs is because I hear Keller cooks up there.

So, stay with me and we'll dine well...


Jan said...

Ciao William,
Congratulations on the blog! The recipe sounds wonderful. A little citrus goes a long way on a snowy day - Yes it is snowing again in Denver - Is this purgatory?

Pierino said...

Well, it's not snowing in La Jolla where I happen to be right now. My hotel internet access is finally working.

In a short while I'll be walking down the street to Tapenade where I intend to start off with a plate of sizzling escargot. Perfect for Purgatory.


Scott N. said...

Keller is dead?

Scott N.

Pierino said...

No Scott you are confusing him with Bela Lugosi. But there is a family resemblance.

Steve Amoia said...


All the best wishes with your new blog.

I won't mention the result of yesterday's (16 February) Juve x Roma game. :-)

Auguri e in bocca al lupo.

Pierino said...


We can still look forward to the Rome derby during Easter Week. A good time for atonement. I might have to get my ashes and maybe an Alberto Sordi tatoo---great Romanaccio that he was.