Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fishs Eddy

My most favorite store in New York City is Fishs Eddy---even more than the cheese counter at Dean & DeLuca which is pretty close by. It's impossible to describe what Fishs Eddy is an a few words. Let's just say it's full of very cool stuff.

Do you remember the days when airlines served you real hot food in economy with actual metal flat ware? I was able to find these trays and spoons from those days at Fishs. The trays are old United Airlines and the spoons are National Airlines.

National Airlines was the first company to fly commercial jets in the USA (707s) in 1958 and then they were taken over by Pan Am in 1980. But this cool stuff is still out there. I guess Fishs no longer has the forks but the spoons were only 99 cents each. Go do some fishing for some pretty neat stuff.

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