Thursday, March 12, 2009

Give him some air...

Keller (yes, that Keller) is back with a new book from Artisan, UNDER PRESSURE which lands on your coffee table for $50. Pierino's take is that this is like the Simpsons meet the Jetsons.

Keller acknowledges that his book is meant for chefs. Who at home has an "immersion circulator" with a connoculater bypass? Keller predicts that these will become as common as microwaves. Of course some of the most conspicuous meltdowns on "Top Chef" had to do with cooking 'sous vide'. It's like the old Stouffer's boil in a bag swedish meatballs. Zio Pasquino would never think of boiling meatballs. Matzoh's maybe.


Pierino is still trying to catch up with the epoch of molecular gastronomy. We have yet to make our first foam (espuma) but it could happen soon. We've been working on menus that are a tribute to Spain, the epicenter of cooking genius at the moment. We actually own a Ferran Adria baseball card. So far neither Ferran nor Keller have promoted a "salad shooter."

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