Monday, February 16, 2009

In the hood but off the menu...

Pierino loves his neighborhood gang. Like really. Like a whole lot.

Chef Amber Caudle at Mediterraneo does very fine cooking. I've blogged Med before. A few nights ago I came in hungry, sat at the bar with my books as company.

Pierino had planned to order from the menu. BUT Chef Amber turned the tables with a wonderful seared scallop dish plated in a sauce that could have been an aioli but that it was made with saffron. Saffron is Pierino's favorite ingredient in the entire history of the cooking world.

Amber followed that course with a very nice pasta putanesca.

The chef does also make a really great Spanish style tortilla as an appetizer. Pierino has figured out the secret but he's not going to share it yet. Not without the chef's go ahead

Peace, Love and especially love your Chefs. You need them more than you might think. And they need you.

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